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About Us

Top-tier Health Food Store for Restaurants in London

Marie Mingle proudly calls the vibrant city of London home, serving as your culinary compass in this dynamic metropolis. Our central location in London allows us to be at the forefront of culinary excellence, catering to the local community and the broader Greater London area.

At Marie Mingle, our mission is to ...

What We Bring to the Table

Under the Marie Mingle umbrella, we bring you a diverse range of culinary experiences:

Pickle and Mingle: Explore our gut-friendly, fermented soups that are a must-try for those seeking both flavor and digestive health.
Matango Bowls: Embark on a unique and flavorful culinary adventure with our Matango Bowls, ...

Marie Mingle Market Store

We invite you to explore our exquisite selection of small-batch, health-conscious food crafted with a homemade touch. Our specialty lies in creating small batches of gut-friendly and environmentally-friendly delights, including jarred delicacies, soups, and marinated foods.

At Marie Mingle Market Store, we're dedicated to offering you small batches of health-conscious culinary treasures, crafted with meticulous care.

Our core values revolve around sustainability, local business support, and the healing power of wholesome food. So, consider us your ultimate destination for small-batch, health-conscious culinary delights. Join us in our mission to reduce waste, bolster local businesses, and embrace the nourishing essence of real food.

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